About Me:

Me and (one of) my papillons, Bailey

I am a homegrown Texas girl, Native Houstonian since the day I was born.  I’m a proud Longhorn, and my life revolves around baseball and food.  While I wanted to devote this site to food solely, I might have to add some of my baseball pics too, because I’ve met SO many people!

Paella Night, 5-21-09

I guess my love of cooking started when I moved into my first apartment in college.  I went from home cooked meals at home all my life, to a meager mini-fridge and microwave in my dorm.  So when I had a whole kitchen and 3 roommates that didn’t cook, there was no looking back.  There’s nothing more satisfying than cooking a dinner from scratch with fresh ingredients, and ending the night staring at empty dinner plates.  That’s the best feeling in the world.

Today, between my avid Food Network watching, and my generous discount at my husband’s store, I’ve got a kick ass kitchen and am slowly honing my cooking skills – one day at a time.  In the end our goal is to retire somewhere and open our own small restaurant wherever we end up.



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