Life is stressful. Cooking is therapy.

I’ve been working my butt off.  And working it out.  In between work and the gym I’ve managed to shave 5 pounds off my body since ringing in 2012.  You think I’d be happy, but I’m still stressed all to hell.  I don’t to cook as much as I want, and I sure don’t get to post all my pretty pictures and lessons on here anymore.  Or am I merely not setting aside the time for it?  I’ve found a happy place in the gym, but cooking is THE happy place.

I just joined a Facebook club called “Cook my Book,” where I get a new cookbook every 3 weeks from which I can cook my heart out.  So get ready, time to release my stress all over this website!  My first book is The Cook’s Encyclopedia of Italian Cooking, which oddly enough was one of the first books I ever bought when I got my first apartment kitchen.  So far I’ve dog-eared the gnocchi, fried mozzarella, and shrimp with arriabbata sauce.  Can’t wait!

Till then, here’s a pic of something I threw together last week.  I made Martha Stewart’s  Lemon-Parsley Gougeres for my boss’ baby shower at work, and had some leftovers.  It’s bound to happen when one batch makes SIXTY.  Anyways, they needed some oomph, so I threw some lemon zest and sea salt in the Kitchenaid with some heavy cream, and ta-da!  And amuse bouche!

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