Cook the Book #7 – Spicy Chicken Drumsticks

If there has ever been ANYTHING so freaking hard to find in the city of Houston (okay, in the vicinity of The Bubble), it’s char siu sauce, aka Chinese BBQ sauce.  I’ve been wanting to make Curtis Stone’s Spicy Chicken Drumsticks since the first time I opened the book, but the idea of finding that sauce is really daunting.  So, I thought, why not make it?

Fail.  Horrible.  Bad.  Not Good.

Char Siu sauce is basically a reduced mixture of hoisin sauce, honey, sugar, and five spice powder.   And although I thought I had reducing sauces down, I had the hardest time getting this stuff to the right consistency.

The sauce that wouldn't reduce.

After I damn near burned the char siu sauce, the drumsticks were fairly easy, but a bid redundant on the ingredients if you ask me.  On top of the char siu, Curtis’ recipe called for more hoisin sauce, more honey, soy sauce and ginger.  Basically the drumsticks are marinated in the over the top sauce, laid out on a baking sheet covered in foil, and baked.  Sprinkle a little sesame seed and cilantro, and it’s all good.  Sorry I don’t have much more on this recipe, but after the sauce I was kinda over it.

Spicy Chicken Drumsticks

Grade: B- (for the freaking impossible sauce.  Maybe next time I should just head into Chinatown)

Lesson Learned: that I still can’t reduce sauce for s*%t.

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