Zoku Quick Pop Maker

Not too long ago (actually, when I started working at Zwilling) I quickly discovered that all those gadgets they sell at Williams-Sonoma, Sur la Table, and the like really aren’t necessary when you have a good knife.  So, I have been extremely diligent in weeding out my drawers of said gadgets.  Gone are the palm-held rolling garlic chopper, the mezzaluna, and the egg slicer.  I’ve even tried to be just as good in the pantry, ditching my hand mixer, mini crock pot and slow cooker for a Vita-Mix and a few good pieces of Staub cast iron for cooking.

I should have known the day would come when something would catch my eye and wallet.  Yesterday I was working at Williams-Sonoma when the Zoku quick pop maker popped into my sight.  Actually, I had been looking at it for a long time, but yearning and an AMEX gift card make for a dangerous situation.

So here it is, on my counter, and today I’m making strawberry lemonade pops to try this thing out.  Basically all the Zoku is is a 3-opening unit  that comes with 6 plastic popsicle sticks.  The Zoku does 3 pops at a time, with the ability to make 9 pops before it has to go back into the freezer.  So, here we go!

The Zoku...yup, that's it!

NOTE: the unit has been frozen overnight, so it’s ready to roll!

Kept it simple for the first time - strawberries and lemonade

The Zoku ice pop maker is super easy to make.  You pretty much drop the stick (they’re fit so they only go in one way) into the mold, pour juice, and let it sit on the counter for 9 minutes.  I wanted to add fruit, so before I put the sticks or juice in, I simply laid strawberry slices against the walls of the mold.  BEWARE – this is like sticking your tongue on a flagpole…everything sticks immediately and it sticks well.

See that pink blob? That's where strawberry #1 met its frozen maker!

After the berries and sticks were in place, it was just a matter of pouring in juice (almost to the top!) and waiting 9 minutes.  Yes, that’s it.  Then I took the super tool (that’s the name), placed it over each pop, and rotated clockwise until the pop jiggled free, snapped on a drip-stop thinger (that’s MY word, don’t take it!) and I was ready to go!

The super tool at work...

Once the pops are done, you can either leave the pop in the mold and put it back in the freezer (if you only eat them one by one), or Zoku sells a storage case for $20 at Williams-Sonoma that holds 6 finished pops.

This is it! Couldn't be easier!

What I highly recommend is after you’ve emptied the Zoku of pops, wash it, dry it COMPLETELY, and put it back in the freezer so it’s always ready to go.  I do the same thing with the bowl for my Cuisinart ice cream maker.   I chatted with a woman last week who does just that, and on days when it’s super hot and she’s been running errands all day, she will come in before bringing in her bags and groceries, pour some lemonade in her Zoku, and by the time she’s done unloading she’s got a refreshing treat.

The only things not recommended for the Zoku?  Carbonated drinks, plain water, and unsweetened goods.  Other than that, feel free to try whatever you like.  I think my next creation is going to be orange-cilantro.  Enjoy!

The Zoku ice pop maker is available at Williams-Sonoma for $49.95.  Accessories include a storage case, fruit cutters, pop mixes, and extra sticks – all range from $12 and up

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