I’m a bad, bad blogger…

Seriously?  Has it been 8 days?  Good God, the things that can happen!  I turned 31, we put our house up for sale, and I got a new job!  No, I haven’t left my part-time-God-I-wish-it-were-a-career post at Zwilling, but I do only have 2 days left at the small boutique I’d been working at since May.  It’s more sudden of a move than I’d usually take, but there are so many reasons that I know it’s the right thing to do.  So…it’s all a fresh start!

So many memories...

Even though I haven’t been blogging about it, I have been cooking, and a lot of it’s been from the Book!  I have a feeling that most of my off time in the next 2 weeks will be in the kitchen, cooking, saying goodbye, and leaving my mark for the next homeowner.  I can only hope and pray that whoever graces my kitchen with their presence respects it, loves it, and uses it.

My home inside my home...gonna miss it!

My home inside my home...gonna miss it!

Although a bit daunting, I’m looking forward to a clean slate of a kitchen, even though if it will be in apartment.  I hope that we can find something beyond the white wall, white appliance apartment that’s so typical of Texas, with just a little bit of personality to work with.  But whatever it is, I’ll make it my own.  So to end this blog, here’s a pic of me and my little rugrats, what will probably be one of the last taken in Casa Harmon.

Murphie and Bailey, Mom in the middle

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