Disposer Meal #1 – I fought the cheese, and the cheese won…

Even the best cooks have what my mother calls a disposer meal every now and then.  For me, it usually involves something with oil or yeast. The other night it was oil.  I’m not sure what put the idea in our heads, but my hubby and I decided to have a fried food smorgasbord – fried mozz for him, drumsticks and zucchini for me.  We have a deep fryer that’s for the most part foolproof – I can fry chicken and pre-breaded frozen goodies with ease, but tonight I was making my own coating.  EPIC FAIL.  I decided to use a recipe from Tyler Florence (find it here) that used panko instead of regular breadcrumbs.  I like panko – it’s light and healthy – so I was excited to see how well it behaved with fresh mozzarella.  I filled up my little breading trays like so

…and off I went.  Right off the bat I found that the flour-to-egg-to-panko  method was not sticking at all.  But, being a deep fryer virgin or sorts, I held my breath and prayed for the best.  2 minutes in – it all went bad.  Bad, bad, BAD!  The panko coating slipped off the cheese, and my mozz, like little melting dollar bills (it wasn’t cheap!), fell to the bottom of the fryer basket and disentegrated.

I thought at this point – hey, maybe I should try REAL breadcrumbs.  No, wrong, nope.  Same thing.  Does anyone out there have any idea what went wrong?  Oh, and I should mention – there are no pics of the failed meal – in part because the cheese disappeared, and also because Princess had to step away from the fryer for the night.  No chicken or zucchini was had in this house.

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One thought on “Disposer Meal #1 – I fought the cheese, and the cheese won…

  1. Courtney on said:

    Freeze them first!!! Keeps the cheese from melting and sets the breading.

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