Catching up is hard to do.

It’s been a crazy few months here at Casa Harmon.  I’ve taken on 2 new jobs – one with Zwilling JA Henckels – which I consider to be my full time job even though it only allows me to be on the clock for 20 hours a week – and a small sales position at a local boutique.  You’re right, they couldn’t be more opposite.  But, it’s working out well.  My sales job has taken a shrink in hours, so it’s allowing me to get back into the kitchen, focus on my passion, and throw more time into my work at ZJAH.   Cooking is quickly becoming my life.  As I posted last week, my latest project is going the way of Julie/Julia, as I have decided to cook the book “Relaxed Cooking” by Curtis Stone.  I know, that might sound so cliche to some, but to me, it forces me to pull a book off the shelf, use it, and break the monotony of cooking the same go-to recipes over and over.

But before that….what’s been going on here?  Rewind to December 2009, and you’ll find me in NYC the week before Christmas.  Vacation?  Kinda.  More like training for my position with Zwilling JA Henckels.  One week of food, knife skills, and food.  And COLD.  17 degrees cold.  Not exactly great weather for a Texas girl – as seen by my wardrobe in this pic at Rockefeller Center.

NYC - Princess @ Rockefeller Center, Christmas 2009

I learned a LOT in this week, as I was never handy (ha) with knives before coming on with ZJAH.  I had a lot hanging on my wall, but had no idea how to use or maintain them.  I really think it took my cooking to the next level.  But the best part of this trip…were the goodies.  Obviously I didn’t get sent home with an arsenal of knives – TSA would have had a field day – so a couple of weeks after I got home I had a little Christmas of my own.

I got knives...7 rolls to be exact!

So in one fell swoop, Princess got a new kitchen.  I am now the proud owner of 2 sets of cookware (Demeyere and All-Clad Copper Core), 9 sets of knives (ZJAH, Shun, and Wusthof all represented), and a huge assortment of Staub cast iron.  In case you forgot too, or just didn’t know, my husband is the manager of the local Sur la Table, so my job combined with his hefty discount makes for one nice kitchen.

...and cookware! Staub cast iron and Demeyere stainless steel.

So, with that, I think I’m almost caught up.  For those of you that make this a regular read and choose to follow my quirky life in the kitchen, I can only hope you enjoy it and have patience for my ever-expanding wealth of WordPress knowledge.  I’m no writer, folks.  Back tomorrow with an update on night #1 of Cook the Book!  Tonight’s recipe: Crumbled Chicken Breasts with Swiss Cheese…and some snacks for the MLB All-Star Home Run Derby.  Did I mention that we love baseball here too?  I’ve got my $ on Corey Hart!

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