Movin’ On Up…

Yesterday, after 3 interviews and 3 months of keeping on the ball, I was offered a position with Zwilling/JA Henckels as their new Houston Retail Selling Specialist!  That means spending all day, every day immersed in knives, as well as their Staub and Demeyere cookware lines.  Heaven to a novice foodie like me!  I can honestly say that my current job in retail is the last thing on my mind, and I’m counting down the days until I’m on the Zwilling payroll!

The best thing about the job is that it’s going to put me back on a schedule to start cooking again – and have even more tools to do it the right way!  So tonight, to kick it all off, I detoured from my route to a late night, too tired, Taco Bell dinner and headed to the market for something healthy.   And found myself in the fish aisle.  Tired of the usual tilapia, salmon, and Texas favorite catfish, I opted for a huge mako shark filet.  I ate a lot of shark growing up, with my uncle having caught it off the Texas coast.  Its buttery flavor is one of my favorites, but I’ve never had this type of shark before.

DSCI0588 I’m not one to fry many things, so I didn’t want to ruin this beautiful piece of fish and smother it in breading and oil, so I opted to saute.  Quite honestly, I was too tired to wait for a marinade (and even more tired to post this, so why am I here?), so I did it simple – sea salt and pepper.  Then I topped it with a dollop or sweet chile sauce and a “faux  relish” of daikon, peppers, and shallot in quick-marinated in rice vinegar.  Paired with some steamed broccoli, it made for a lovely dinner.  Much better than an 89 cent taco in my books.  Cheers and see you at a culinary store near you!  (In Houston, that is!)

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