Late Night Eats

In my efforts to start a new trend on my blog, last night I created my Late Night Eats topic, and today I add another bit of yummy goodness to the list!  For anyone that’s worked retail hours, the need for premade food is essential in a home.  And if you can get it, HEALTHY premade food.  So, with today’s torrential Houston downpours, I rounded up some lean ground beef, venison, and beans, and concocted a nice pot of chili from scratch.  I added some unknown hot sauce from my fridge  simply known as “Liquid Lava”, as well as some shallot and saffron, and the result is below.  Spicy, full of Texas flavor, and a lean, reheat and eat snack for after the store doors close tonight!

Spicy Venison Chili - perfect for "cold" Texas weather!

Spicy Venison Chili - perfect for "cold" Texas weather!

PS: It’s so good that my “taste tests” became frequent enough to warrant a move from a large Le Creuset french oven to my smaller Staub cocotte.   Can’t pull the spoon away…gotta keep up that quality control…

PPS:  It appears that last night’s post never made it to my site, so here’s Late Night Snack #1 – Cucumber and Tomato Salad over greens with an Onion Vinaigrette. Simply put, chopped cucumber, tomato, red onion, and red finger chiles marinated in rice vinegar over baby greens.  Healthy and yummy!


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