There is no such thing as free labor…

Yesterday I spent the day at my husband’s store for product stock fun, which in the end resulted in him, his assistant manager, and myself undoing years of inventory damage by cleaning out the breakroom/kitchen/demo hazard area.  For 2 hours of said “fun” Scott and I fell victim to cardboard and were walled in from the stockroom and retail floor by empty appliance boxes and God knows what else.  Regardless, it’s unfortunate for me that all this random work doesn’t get me a check, as I can’t be on my husband’s payroll.  BUT, I get the next best thing – Sur La Table shopping sprees.  This week I got a congrats-on-the-new-job/thanks-for-working-for-free gift, and I can’t help but show it off…


Bliss…a new All-Clad wok to add to my collection.  Such a nice piece was pictureworthy, sorry folks.  Today I braved Scott’s store again and earned my stir-fry essentials – a Thai cookbook and uber-pricey oil – to round it all out.  And from there I spent 30 minutes in the Asian aisle of my local grocer revamping my pantry to enjoy my new tool.  Tomorrow, we’re off to Kemah (near Galveston) to hit up local fish markets for fresh, wok-worthy fare 🙂  I’m thinking Gulf shrimp…

And for the record, new job = retail = relief.  I haven’t given up on my culinary roadmap yet, but now I have some change to spend on tasting what’s new and fun in The Bubble.

Cheers, and Good Night!

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