Gotta Have It – Jasper’s

Even though I am suffering through a stint of unemployment (and a cold nonetheless!)  I’ve decided that I’m going to kick start my blog and head out weekly in The Bubble to taste some of the newest, best, and most interesting dishes – on the cheap.  Yesterday my best friend Courtney and I headed out for yet another round of Freebirds – unfortunately I was too close to the line to take pics of me stuffing me face.  With every bite I took people kept asking me what the hell kind of burrito I had concocted.  Yet again, I looked like an absolute pig – the “half” Freebird I ordered was twice the size of Courtney’s and the same as the full Freebird from my last blog.

Nevertheless, after I watched my bestest drop $400 on kitchen goods at my hubby’s store (WITH a discount), we settled into Jasper’s for my favorite dessert ever – butterfinger creme brulee. You’re probably in shock that I had carbs more than once in a week – let alone sweets – but this creme brulee is worth every calorie, carb, and penny.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Jasper’s, Kent Rathburn is the genius behind this establishment – with only a couple of restaurants scattered across Texas.  Yes, this is the same Kent Rathburn that defeated Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America.  The theme is “backyard gourmet” and the menu ranges from (my favorite) Maytag Blue Cheese Chips to gorgeous cuts of beef.  The atmosphere seems very pretentious when you walk through the doors, but being on Market Street, the crowd inside ranges from millionaire, AMEX black card holding elite to passersby in shorts.

So…on to the dessert.  My husband is a huge fan of creme brulee, and my BF not, so when our order was set down in front of us and she started gushing over the butterfinger goodness, I knew it was a winner.  This was good stuff.  Below is a pic of our dessert, served in a little-larger-than-demitasse cup.  The kicker is what you see on top – that piece of homemade butterfinger.  It tasted just like the 2/$1 special bar at the grocery checkout, but so light with the slightest hint of chocolate.  I was asked to describe this sinful topping on Facebook, and the closest I could relate this candy to were the good ‘ol Nutter Butter cookies from when I was a kid.  I don’t even know if they make them any more, but drizzle it in chocolate, and put it on top of creamy, crunchy creme brulee, and that’s all she wrote.

Butterfinger Creme Brulee

Butterfinger Creme Brulee

Jasper’s has locations in Austin, Plano, San Antonio, and The Woodlands. Visit their website at

Recommendations include the Sink Salad, Maytag Blue Cheese Chips, and any cut of beef on the menu – with the cherry demi-glaze. Market Street, The Woodlands, TX.  Somebody stop me, I’m drooling.

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