Word to the ‘Bird…

This post is for all of my out of state friends who have never known the bliss that is a Freebirds burrito.  Most of us are familiar with that awful establishment known as Chipotle, but Freebirds truly stands in a class by itself.  Being a Longhorn myself, I’m not usually privy to Aggie traditions, but this College Station based semi-fast food joint has become a staple in my diet.  Never has there been a place I would drive 45 minutes in Houston traffic (or all the way to College Station) for – and with the opening of a new location in The Bubble, I no longer have to!

For those of you not familar with Freebirds, the concept is simple – build your own burrito from a selection of flavored tortillas, salsas, and numerous fillings.  In the beginning they were very Chick-Fil-A – offering only burritos – but have since branched out to a little larger menu of salads, nachos, and quesadillas.  I, however, have never strayed from my original concotion…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  And it’s been a good 10 years that I’ve been a regular.  During my days on the road for work, any town that had a Freebirds’, I made a point to stop.

No frills...in Texas, brown bag takeout is always good!

No frills...in Texas, brown bag takeout is always good!

Today I ordered takeout for the hubby and I, but am returning Saturday with my best friend Courtney (amended to add her name after her complaints of being the unknown friend!), so devouring-in-progress pics are to come.  But I couldn’t wait 2 days to share this bliss with the rest of the world.  One warning:  the pictures do not do this place justice – this is good ‘ol messy Texas food wrapped in foil and delivered in a paper bag.

Before I even get into the ingredients, I had to laugh and share the sheer size of my burrito compared to my husband’s – we both got the regular size – Scott a flour tortilla, me a cayenne flavored.  But, 10 minutes of stuffing later, the outcome was this:

What a difference veggies make...my regular Freebird vs. the hubby's

What a difference veggies make...my regular Freebird vs. the hubby's - this bad boy is at least 3-4" in diameter...

So…on to ingredients.  My husband – sigh – goes the simple route: chicken, rice, and queso.  I however, have my exact “spec” that I follow every time.  Broken down simply, that is:

– one regular cayenne tortilla

– one half scoop of rice

– extra cheese – not the mixed kind, good ‘ol Monterey Jack

– chicken (white meat only please!)

– refried beans

– Death sauce – and lots of it

– tomatoes

– pico de gallo

– guacamole

– sour cream

– one HEAPING scoop of cilantro, because my mantra is cilantro makes everything better.

All that for a whole $6.  My friends, you can’t beat that goodness.  And if you go as often as I, fill your punch card and the 10th is free.  So, on I go to the ‘Bird method to enjoying my ginormous burrito – peel, eat, repeat.  Below is a sliced cut of my carb-loaded yumminess (again, pictures don’t do it justice)

A yummy dissection of my uber-stuffed burrito... …and another halfway in…as my mouth starts to feel the burn of that Death sauce (to which I’d die to get the recipe for)The halfway mark

And with that, I bid you all a good day as I lapse into a carb-filled slumber.  More pics to come Saturday as my friend and I indulge in the ‘Bird once again.

Lord, today is one of those days I wish I got paid to eat!

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One thought on “Word to the ‘Bird…

  1. Courtney on said:

    Next time, can “friend” get a name?! haha

    Can’t wait to devour the bird! Btw, have you tried the carnitas? Amazing! My new fave, on spinach.

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