My New Stash…

So today, Scott arrives home with a HUGE box of goodies – his “tester” products from his manager’s convention last week.  As they are too numerous to name, here’s a quick sneak of our take after he nicely gave some goodies away to his hard working managers in his absence:

SLT stashTonight our new toy to try was the Rosle pineapple corer, so come hell, high water, and Texas storms, I braved it to HEB for a fresh pineapple.  The thing worked without a hitch, and I highly recommend it.  Here’s a step by step:

Slice the top off the pineapple...

Slice the top off the pineapple...

Insert the slicer...

Insert the slicer...

...turn an remove..

...turn and remove..

...create tiki torch!

...create tiki torch!

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One thought on “My New Stash…

  1. Patty Racz on said:

    What a brilliant idea. I might be having a labor Day/end of summer rooftop BBQ this would be perfect for it because I have about 6 tiki torchs up there.

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