Here’s Ollie!

Thanks to Aimee for giving my octopus a name last night, making all the harder to drop this little baby in steaming water and then torture grill it!  Nonetheless,  I was shocked how easy is it to cook octopus, and it turned out as tender as calamari.  In the past, most octopus I’ve had has been tough as nails.

Once yesterday’s prep was done, today all I did was plunge Ollie in an ice bath, simmer it in stock for 50 minutes, and grill it 4 minutes on each side.  Seasonings were salt and pepper – nothing more.  Unfortunately, our grill was out of propane, so this was cooked on my gas range inside using a grill basket.  I served it with Sweet Chili Sauce, BBQ Sauce, and Lemon Drawn Butter.  Wasn’t quite sure what one serves with octopus…now if you’ll excuse me, time to enjoy!  Cheers and Good Night!

Ollie as it came out of its hour long steam bath

Ollie as it came out of its hour long steam bath

Ollie and 3 Sauces

Ollie and 3 Sauces

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