So jealous…

As my close foodie friends know, my husband Scott works for Sur La Table, and is in Seattle this week at their manager’s conference.  Not only did he score me a new Henckels Miyabi knife (I’ve got one pictured here – B-E-A-utiful!), and he’s going to meet Bob Kramer of Shun knife fame.  He actually told the man I love him more my own husband!  Henckels Miyabi 5" Utility Knife

add that….

Our Culinary Arsenal

to this (and these aren’t ALL we have!)…I think we’re set!

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3 thoughts on “So jealous…

  1. Aimee S. on said:

    Dean wants the cleaver….or any cleaver. I think he’d hurt himself.

  2. omg… 2 things:
    1) Your husband is very lucky to work for Sur La Table! I applied for a position with them here in Seattle long ago.
    2) I love Shun knives as well. I only hope my collection is as varied as yours someday!

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